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Automatic Honey Filling Packing Machine

Automatic Honey Filling Packing Machine

Shanghai Mooha Import & Export Co., Ltd. offers high quality, durable and easy to use bakery equipment and packaging machine , our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to bakery and packaging industry many years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

Products Specifications:

Automatic automatic honey filling packaging machine 


Bag sizeL:30-150mm; W:20-135mm
Packing Speed30~60bags/min
Measuring Range1-150ML
Total power220V/50HZ,0.9KW
Total weight200KG
Outline Dimension700×800×1650mm

Main characteristic

1. Back sealing or three sides sealing. Pretty package form and count accurately.

2. Use multi path temperature controlling and heat sealing organ, controlling temperature accurately, good heat balance and high quality of sealing. Suitable for packing multi materials;

3. Granule packing machine use shaking container to adjust the device adjusting the package capacities at random in the process to improve the working efficiency. Packing materials are like desiccant, tea and medicine and so on.

4. Powder packing machine use the latest hopper feeder which can be changed its height freely in order to avoid the readjustment after cleanout and improve the working efficiency. Packing materials are like albumen powder, coffee and flour.

5. Liquid and catsup packing machine makes use of stainless steel. Due to applying domestic advanced suction technology, there is no material pressed and leaked. Package capacity can be adjusted infinitely in stated range. Be suitable for packing honey, pesticide and cosmetic and so on. Especially that semi-fluid model has back siphonage function that can avoid clamping and leakage.


Suitable for liquid, semi-liquid like honey, ketchup, shampoo, , comestic cream, sauce and so on.

Machine Detail and Packaging sample

Automatic Honey Filling Packaging Machine

Automatic Honey Filling Packaging Machine

Automatic Honey Filling Packaging Machine

Automatic Honey Filling Packaging Machine

MOOHA, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bakery equipment and packing machines in China, now brings you the highest quality automatic honey filling packing machine at competitive price. With consummate skill and advanced equipment, our employees can offer you high precision equipment with one year warranty. It is clean and safe, and energy-saving. Don't miss it.